Nikki McLennan

The lioness is known for her strength, her lithe beauty, her fierce pride, and tender care, so what better analogy for the powerful, empowering boudoir shots that award-winning photographer Nikki McLennan takes?

Over her 23-year career as a photographer, Nikki has honed her skills to focus on her passion, a celebration of beauty within the female (or male) form. It started in the late ‘80s, capturing shadowy, early morning shapes at the beach before school, her friends the subjects of stunning salt-sprayed portraits.

Nikki went on to major in photography at Sydney’s National Art School and launched her photography business in 2011, in an age when photographers still worked in film.

Her passion remains the same, and her skill is obvious, not just in her exceptional photography but her ability to make her clients feel at ease, exploring with them what it is that they want to celebrate about themselves.


Beauty is unique. Own yours.

I love nothing more than fostering a sense of self-love through stunning boudoir portraits that make people shine

“I can see what will put people at ease, and I can instantly visualise the perfect shot to capture someone’s personality. It can be a glimpse of flesh, a muscled torso, a stylised lingerie shoot, a creative fine art nude or an eye peeking out from behind a gauzy curtain… each is as beautiful and powerful as the other.“ – Nikki McLennan