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Love notes

“I’ve previously been involved in a photoshoot with Nikki, she is very professional and proactive in her style of shooting. Not only was she very prompt and well-versed in her craft but she was really lovely and absolutely fabulous to be around! I would highly recommend her services to anyone that’s interested :)” – Wez Debono

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? I will guide and direct you to get the very best out of you and capture your ultimate shots. Even if you have zero experience, as a pole dancer and long-time photographer I know how to make it work – I understand pole moves and how to get the best out…

Professional Pole Dancers Teacher Shoot

Lioness Photography was delighted to photograph Ali & Esh, two extraordinarily beautiful women. Both are professional dancers and dedicated pole dancing teachers at Inner West studio, Sydney Pole. The results were incredible. Not only did the girls bring a fabulous wardrobe of props, pole dancing heels, jewelry, lingerie, and talent, they had also shot with…

Five things you should do to prepare for your glamour shoot

1. Research Always bring reference shots, make a Pinterest board or use Instagram for inspiration in the weeks leading up to your shoot. Be clear about what kind of eye make-up you want, how your hair will look and the look you are trying to create or re-create. The more information you can give to…