Five things you should do to prepare for your glamour shoot

1. Research

Always bring reference shots, make a Pinterest board or use Instagram for inspiration in the weeks leading up to your shoot. Be clear about what kind of eye make-up you want, how your hair will look and the look you are trying to create or re-create. The more information you can give to your photographer the better.

2. Moisturiser

If having professional hair and make-up, come only with moisturiser applied. Your hair should be freshly washed with no product in it.

3. Hair & Makeup

Make sure you have freshly painted nails or all traces of polish removed. Make sure your cut, colour waxing, or other personal grooming requirements are done prior to your appointment.

4. Outfits

Bring 4 sets of clothes, including shoes, belts, jewelry, and accessories. Be sure to include one set of long sleeves and pants. Also include 2 sets of lingerie, one pale and one black. Stockings, suspender belts, and corsets look divine in photos.

5. Timing

Allow up to 2 hours for the shoot and one hour to select your images. This is when we discuss any retouching you desire, plus paper choices for fine art prints, photobook designs, and framing options.