The Lioness Experience


Originating from the 1900s, glamour or boudoir photography is a genre of professional portrait photography that captures moments of true self-expression.

Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, a boudoir shoot is designed to be elegant, stylish and sexy, an experience that allows you to embrace your beauty, however, you see it. It is about exposing confidence and style, and perhaps a glimpse of skin if that’s your thing.

Bridal Lingerie

Well, now is the perfect time to take a moment for yourself and celebrate with a bridal boudoir shoot. It can be a liberating experience and the ultimate confidence boost, as well as capturing an insight into you to share with your partner.

A pre-wedding shoot is like a pampering session; it can really help make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, and it’s the perfect excuse to go lingerie shopping

Pole Dancing

Dancing can be any style of self expression or the high octane pulse of pole dancing as our studio is equipped with a 43 mm brass spinning pole.

We use professional lighting and the images are classily beautiful and dont have poles and mirrors like the ones from pole dancing studios. The focus is all on you.

Intimate Couples

An engagement session, a maternity session or a photo shoot with your best friend, fluffy or otherwise.

We create a safe space for every couple, and the results are an incredible way to honour your connection.

Love & Maternity

Your body is truly amazing and it’s my job to make you feel beautiful and to document your changing shape in all its glory and power.

You and your child will love looking back at your womanly shapes in the months before you bring new life into the world.