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Pole dancing got me pregnant!

The quest to fall pregnant after 35 is undoubtedly a hopeful one; I still feel young and my world is that of the millennials –globalisation, interconnectivity and social media allow us all to inhabit the same space, with little regard for the vagaries of age, and our broader horizons mean that fashion, travel, political activism,…

Acrobats, Pole, Cross-fit, Gymnasts – Strong Women!
Dancing & Fitness / May 10, 2020

Lioness Photography was released this week! The recent restrictions have been lifted and I was able to photograph again at my favourite studio in Sydney, Tortuga Studios. It’s an old warehouse, with streams of golden light, unusual sculptures, art, and home to my 43mm brass pole, purchased from Sydney Pole. This shoot was special as…

Burlesque Party
Dancing & Fitness / May 1, 2020

Sydney Pole hosts Chaya’s 20th Birthday! It was a Burlesque dance class with Ash King and the lesson described how to use your hand, how to strut, and wiggle, and hair flick, all the while learning a routine with dress-ups in one hour! Lioness Photography was hired to capture the sassiness!

Jess Pearce at Tortuga Studios
Dancing & Fitness / April 12, 2020

Jess was super organised as she had a list of moves that she wanted to be photographed after all of her hard work training @peachpolestudio & her local gym. Jess’s best friend purchased her the ultimate 21st birthday present – a gift voucher for a pole dancing photoshoot with Lioness Photography. Jess did her research…

The Lioness behind Lioness Photography
Lioness Experience / August 16, 2019

Lioness Photography is owned and managed by award-winning photographer Nikki McLennan. “They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but really, it lies within all of us – a moment of joy etched in a smile, a sultry glance that whispers of desire, the strength, and poise of the dancer, mid-step.” Originating from…

80’s Pole Class!
Dancing & Fitness / August 7, 2019

80’s pole was my favorite class created by Emma Hoy and Missy! The choreography, music, and the girls made this the highlight of my week. Here are some shots by Lioness Photography of our last class!

What more could l want?

“Thanks to creative soul Nikki from Lioness Photography for making me feel broody, raw & vampirish (what more could l want?)!” ALIVIA NICHOLS

Sydney Pole Showcase
Dancing & Fitness / March 17, 2019

It was a spectacular afternoon of pole dancing & aerial fitness at Sydney Pole yesterday afternoon. There were so many highlights, brilliant choreography, and superb outfits over the three hours. So much entertainment and variety! Rock n Pole, 80’s Pole, Aerial fitness, and beginners through to Advanced -not to forget Chair & Lap and Sexy…

Comfortable & Natural

“Nikki was so friendly and made me feel very comfortable and natural. She was so easy to work with, she knew exactly when to offer direction and when to let me do my own thing. One of the easiest shoots I’ve ever done and the results were exactly what I was after! We were on…

My amazing shoot!

“I had the most amazing shoot in my entire life. Nikki captures the most amazing angles and the way she can make you look without any editing is incredible. I would definitely recommend her. I liked her so much, planning to get another shoot already! I was more than happy with the photos I received….