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What to Expect
Lioness Experience / September 8, 2021

Before you book What experience do you have? Way back in 2001 I started my photography business, and in 2011 I began shooting boudoir sessions full time. Since then I’ve photographed around 150 women (and men!) a year. I started off assisting Richard Arthur, a well known Penthouse magazine photographer after graduating from National Art…


“The photos of our Showcase event we receive from Nikki are always incredible! She has a knack for capturing great moments, both of solo performers and of groups. Her photos always reflect the vibrancy, fun & strength of the women performing and she always provides photos and edits speedily after the event. We are so happy…

I can’t recommend her enough!

“Shooting with Nikki was a dream. From our planning discussions and phone calls all the way to the beautifully edited shots sent to me so quickly, I can’t recommend her enough. Nikki made me feel totally comfortable and her unique creative energy really allowed me to blossom on camera. I loved every minute of it!” 

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? I will guide and direct you to get the very best out of you and capture your ultimate shots. Even if you have zero experience, as a pole dancer and long-time photographer I know how to make it work – I understand pole moves and how to get the best out…

Pole dancing portraits that purr

Interview with Nikki McLennan Nikki McLennan, the owner of Lioness Photography, has a deep passion for creating an experience for women that leaves them feeling incredible, empowered and delicious.  “Lioness Photography is about dressing up or dressing down – it’s about capturing a woman’s confidence and style, her elegance, and perhaps only your skin, if…

Many hats
Lioness Experience / June 11, 2021

“I am my work, and my work is me” Nikki McLennan I am a consummate hat-wearer, a different one for each slice of my life, and never more so in my work. As a busy photographer, I get to capture both the delicate minutiae and the great scope of people’s lives – and that requires…

The colour of Covid
Lioness Experience / June 11, 2021

Every cloud has a silver lining, and, while these current times are testing the best of us, even a global pandemic might offer up the goods.  For seven years, Lion + Cub has existed beneath the soft beauty of a teal blue palette, but lockdown does funny things to people, not least founder and lead…

Pole dancing got me pregnant!

The quest to fall pregnant after 35 is undoubtedly a hopeful one; I still feel young and my world is that of the millennials –globalisation, interconnectivity and social media allow us all to inhabit the same space, with little regard for the vagaries of age, and our broader horizons mean that fashion, travel, political activism,…

The Lioness behind Lioness Photography
Lioness Experience / August 16, 2019

Lioness Photography is owned and managed by award-winning photographer Nikki McLennan. “They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but really, it lies within all of us – a moment of joy etched in a smile, a sultry glance that whispers of desire, the strength, and poise of the dancer, mid-step.” Originating from…

What more could l want?

“Thanks to creative soul Nikki from Lioness Photography for making me feel broody, raw & vampirish (what more could l want?)!” ALIVIA NICHOLS