What to Expect
Lioness Experience / September 8, 2021

Before you book

What experience do you have?

Way back in 2001 I started my photography business, and in 2011 I began shooting boudoir sessions full time. Since then I’ve photographed around 150 women (and men!) a year. I started off assisting Richard Arthur, a well known Penthouse magazine photographer after graduating from National Art School. From 2015 I was Sydney Pole’s official showcase photographer. I now have a team of photo editors, an office assistant and photo editor and several makeup artists I work with Lioness is a professional operation and you are in safe hands.

Can I suggest a specific location?

While most of our sessions take place in our St Peters studio, we DO conduct sessions in alternative locations. Lioness Photography has worked in inner Sydney boutique hotels, in private households and AirBnbs. If you want a specific location you are responsible for booking and paying for the space. I also need to see photos of the space to ensure that I can create magic there.

Is there an option to meet you in person before the shoot?

Yes of course. I can do an in-person meeting or am happy to set up a zoom chat. Use this link here to book a time. Please note I have a big brother brand called Lion & Cub but be assured I will know if you are enquiring about a boudoir session. Be sure to look at @lionessphotographer for information on what we do, services, highlights and products. Please like any photos so I can see what you love.

Send us an email to nikki@lioness.photography, or book your date through our online scheduling calendar, or give us a call. Together we will pick out your session type and select an available date. From there a retainer of 50% is due in order to book your session! The retainer is non-refundable, but you CAN reschedule.

After you book

Can I send you the images that I want?

Unquestionably, this will help me ALOT. Please send us images that inspire you, especially sources from Instagram, Pinterest or books. While we do not duplicate images, we do use your inspiration images to give us direction as to the style and posing that you desire. This way you have one-of-a-kind images that line up with your vision and together we create bespoke luxury portraits.

Can I cancel my session if something comes up?

Of you can of course cancel your session. A cancellation fee for your session will apply if cancelled less than 28 days before your shoot date. If you’ve booked a session that includes hair and makeup a separate cancellation fee will apply to compensate the makeup artist for blocking off your shoot date. We recommend rescheduling your session instead of cancelling.

What do I wear for my session?

Bridal Lingerie sessions revolve around a wedding veil, garter and white lingerie. Bodysuits are super popular now for studio boudoir. If you don’t love lingerie, consider a soft cashmere sweater or a long, willowy dress, a sheer robe, you can go completely nude, or channel Marvel Studio’s Black Widow superhero costume… you get the point. We will assist you in figuring out what to bring in, and some of our boudoir packages even include personal wardrobe consulting with Inner Style Queen or fitness/boudoir gear with Clique Styling.

For maternity, you can wear black leggings or boyleg black lace shorts work really well. Any jewellery on your wrists and hands will be illuminated in the hands-on belly shots. Also, consider lots of fabric to throw around behind you. Scarves are gorgeous along with tulle or even your wedding veil.

Can you recommend the best places to find outstanding lingerie?

Honey Birdette; David Jones; Myer; Bras & Things all do fittings and can help you choose the most flattering fits. You can also get lingerie tailored. My personal favourites brands are La Perla; Elle MacPherson; Dita Von Teese; Simone Perele; Wolford Stockings; Agent Provocateur. For Fitness shoots, I can’t go past Stylerunner.

Boudoir Sessions

Who will be at my session?

Your boudoir session will be a closed event. You and your photographer will be the only people at your session. Should you opt-in for our hair and makeup option then your hair and makeup artist will be there for a few images to make sure that everything looks great on camera!

How long does a session last?

Our boudoir sessions last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on which session you choose. Fitness shoots can require two locations – studio and park and couples sessions can be outdoors walking together in the park, then indoors for more intimate shots. Pole dancing shoots and studio boudoir can be 2-3 hours if hair and makeup is being done at the studio, Pole dancing mini sessions are 30 mins

Can I bring a friend or partner?

Unless you are booking a couple’s session we ask that you do not bring any friends or significant others to your session. Our ability to laser focus on capturing gorgeous images of you will be interrupted and definitely lacking. If it’s a pole shoot, then you are welcome to bring friends to help spot you on the pole.

How do I overcome the awkward feeling of being photographed?

It’s in our best interest to relax you and help you feel at ease. Much of my feedback is about this exact skill I have mastered. I will show you shots on the back of the camera as we go and I will direct you every step of the way. As you concentrate on following the instructions your nerves will dissipate.

Do I need to know how to pose?

This is why you are hiring me to remember, I am an expert at what I do and I’ll instruct you the entire way, giving you specific directions on what to do with your legs, feet, eyes and hands… and booty.

I’m just a beginner at pole dancing? Can I still book a shoot

There are so many basic moves that photograph beautifully, plus the pole is great for strutting around, leaning against or laying beside? I will guide you and help you think of moves that are in the foundations of pool dancing. As a practising student myself who has had to start at the beginning twice after two c-sections, I am well versed in beginner moves!

What is your retouching policy?

We retouch all of the images that are going to be printed and this includes smoothing out skin on faces and bodies; teeth whitening; eye brightening; removing blemishes; digital slimming. All images that are printed are retouching print quality fully retouched. The images that are not printed are colour corrected and have a soft retouch. Extensive retouching like tattoo removal, removal of braces incurs an additional cost.

Can I do my own makeup?

You should let us take care of it, but we also understand that some clients have preferences for the makeup artist that touches their face. For that, we would recommend photo-ready makeup. The camera will wash out about 50% of what is on your face and for that reason, a heavier foundation, bronzer, blush, highlight, false lashes, and brow definition are highly recommended. For lips, a pigment close to your natural lip pigment is fantastic if you’re going for a natural look.

We recommend letting us take care of it, and the artist shows you every step of the way so you can have input. If you have specific products you want to use, bring them along. However, if you insist on doing your own makeup, be aware that the camera washes out a lot so you need photo-ready make-up for foundation, lashes, bronzer and brow definition which looks a lot heavier than what you would usually apply.

Are you going to put my images on Instagram or your website?

This is your choice. I can only do this with your explicit permission which comes in the form of a model release signed at the commencement of the shoot or via contract. I also love entering competitions and again would love to need your permission. Some people allow crops of their images (leaving out their face) if that makes them more comfortable.

Couple Sessions

There aren’t many couple’s photos on your site, do you photograph couples?

Absolutely!! Most couples that I have photographed have opted to have their photos remain private and so they are not visible on my website. If you’re interested in a couple’s session please let us know! We also offer a couple’s ‘mini shoot’ as an add-on to our standard boudoir sessions which is where your significant other joins you at the end of the session for some shots.

Why are these sessions so expensive?

I am factoring in my experience of 20 years, my dedication to creating amazing artwork for you and sourcing the best locations and studios. I have insurance, public liability, and pour my heart and soul into this business. You are investing in portraits and heirlooms that will stand the test of time and you will love looking back at these as you get older. Our products come with a guarantee and are sourced and made in Australia.