Professional Pole Dancers Teacher Shoot

Lioness Photography was delighted to photograph Ali & Esh, two extraordinarily beautiful women. Both are professional dancers and dedicated pole dancing teachers at Inner West studio, Sydney Pole.

The results were incredible. Not only did the girls bring a fabulous wardrobe of props, pole dancing heels, jewelry, lingerie, and talent, they had also shot with many of Sydney’s best glamour portrait photographers, so there was no shortage of poses or ideas!

Their knowledge of pole dancing techniques and grace made for an exciting shoot. We used the natural light of Tortuga Studios with sheer white curtains, white lingerie, and flowing fabrics for the first part of the shoot.

The next chapter was using Canon cameras and Profoto studio lighting with darker themes, backdrops, and lingerie.

The Nikon D800 was used for bizarre double exposures, while ‘Black & White’ magazine provided many references, along with the work of Helmut Newtown and contemporary American photographer, Ryan Muirhead.